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        The nunnery of St. Mary de Pre was founded in 1194 by the Abbot of St. Albans.  The land held by the nunnery included the manors of Pre, Beaumont and Pleydell. Some maps show a Pleydell field about four miles west of St. Albans.  This is the earliest reference we have to the family name.  The first references to individual people are Walter de la Pleydell circa 1223 and Alexander de la Pleydell circa 1242-1293 in places only a few miles from St. Albans.    
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        There are other isolated Pleydell references in the 1300s and 1400s, but linked descent to the present day stems from William and Isabella Pleydell living in the 15th century in Shrivenham and Coleshill (then Berkshire, now Wiltshire). All present day Pleydells known to the Pleydell Society are descended from this couple.  Lines of descent include branches associated with Gloucestershire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Sussex, London, Australia and New Zealand.    
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        Some of the earliest researches into the family were initiated by Sir Mark Stuart Pleydell of Coleshill in the early 1700s.  Other researchers were studying the family in the 19th and 20th centuries.  The emerging of the Pleydell Society in 1984 has brought these labours together, fostered more investigations and added much more to our knowledge.    
        Our family history embraces the rich and the poor, and a greater awareness of the times in which our ancestors lived and also the way they lived.    
        (Coleshill House was destroyed by fire in late summer 1952.)    
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