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        The Pleydell Society grew initially out of a One Name Study commenced by David Jarman in the late 1970's. It was formalised in 1984 when David, his wife Brenda, Jeannette, Malcolm, John & Doreen Pleydell met, and shortly after that contact was made with Geoffrey Pleydell, whose family had been researching their ancestry for over a hundred years. All Saints Church, Coleshill    
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        In 1986 David undertook to publish a newsletter in order to publicise the work which was being done, and to make our research efforts more widely known. Contact was made with Robin Pleydell in Australia, who was seeking English family connections. After that, David & Brenda organised a successful week-end conference at Oxford in 1995, at which many Pleydells from Australia met their English cousins for the first time, and where it was decided to form a properly constituted Society. Since then, the Society has gone from strength to strength and is actively engaged in research, as well as helping members, whenever possible, and provided they can give us their ancestral details as far as they know them, with their queries.      
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        In the last two years, contact has been made with several members of the family in New Zealand, largely due to the efforts of Robin Pleydell, our Committee member for Australia, and we have almost as many Society members in Australia and New Zealand as there are in England. We also now have members in France, Canada, the USA and Mexico.    
        Research is being carried out by a number of members, who share their findings and co-ordinate their efforts. Monographs have been published, with pedigrees, of the early family in Coleshill down to 1600, the Cricklade branch from 1600 to 1760, the Berkshire branches in Abingdon and Childrey down to 1700, the descendants of the Rev'd Robert Pleydell of Stroud in Gloucestershire and Sussex from 1600 to 1900, and work is in hand on the London branches. We have recorded the existence of over two thousand members of the family from 1485 to 1911. Our annual newsletter is distributed free of charge to subscribing members, also to Record offices, family history societies and the Copyright Libraries. Other publications are available for purchase by members.    
  Agnes Pleydell plaque Membership of the Society is open to all interested in the family, and there is an annual subscription, currently 6 a year per household. If you are interested in joining the Society, contact us at the e-mail address shown in the Contact Details.    
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